We seek to attract and retain the best people while building and maintaining a diverse, sustainable and high achieving workforce.

Iluka’s People Plan, aligned with the Iluka People Policy, establishes our approach to recruiting, developing and retaining a high performing workforce to achieve Iluka’s objectives. Iluka also maintains fair work policies, including an Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and a Bullying and Harassment Procedure.

Iluka recognises that leadership at all levels is required to create alignment of purpose which, together with the right resources, is crucial to the achievement of extraordinary performance. We ensure that employees and contractors have the appropriate skills, knowledge and behaviours to fulfil their positions safely, efficiently and effectively, and we provide opportunities for learning and development that enhance the capability of our workforce.

Through the acquisition of Sierra Rutile, Iluka’s workforce has increased by more than 1,900 employees, with over 95% of those being Sierra Leonean.

Iluka will continue to seek to maximise local content at Sierra Rutile, as guided by the Sierra Rutile Local Content Policy and the Sierra Leone Local Content Agency Act (2016).

Upon acquisition, Sierra Rutile had a large proportion of casual employees who had spent one year or more of continuous employment with the company. A project was undertaken in 2017 to bring more than 250 of those casual employees into permanent positions, providing them with improved employee benefits and job security.

2017 Australia workforce profile

599 employees

~500 annual average contractors1

133 new employees

27% female / 73% male

5% Indigenous2

<2% recognised disability2

14% flexible work arrangements

7% employee initiated turnover

1 Additional to employees

2 Iluka respects employee privacy; data is identified employees only

2017 Sierra Leone workforce profile

1985 employees

~800 annual average contractors1

360 new employees

7% female / 93% male

95% Sierra Leonean

 2% employee initiated turnover

A diverse workplace

Iluka’s People Policy underpins our approach to diversity. We respect and encourage workplace diversity and aim to create a flexible and inclusive workplace environment which assists employees to balance their responsibilities. The Managing Director and executive team promote awareness of diversity and inclusion and integrate those principles into company activities, including recruitment, training, talent management and employment policies.

The table below highlights gender diversity across the Iluka Group as at 31 December 2017. Female participation at Executive level increased by 14% in 2017. This has been supported by consistent practice and process with annual succession planning and identification and development of high potentials within the company.


Level Proportion of female (%) Proportion of male (%)
Board 33 67
Executives (1) 33 67
Other management levels 14 86
Total Iluka Group (ex Sierra Rutile) 27 73
Total Sierra Rutile 7 93
Total Iluka Group 12 88

(1)   Executive excludes the Managing Director.

Australian diversity targets

The People and Performance Committee set measurable objectives for Australian workforce diversity of 30% female and 8% Indigenous employee participation to be achieved by 2018. These were integrated into Iluka’s sustainability performance improvement targets in 2017. This year, female employment participation in Australia remained at 27%, however female participation, while executive/general manager female representation was 30%. In 2018 the focus will be on recruitment strategies to increase the participation of female and indigenous recruitment into operational and technical roles.

The number of Australian Indigenous employees remained at 5%, with the majority based at the Jacinth-Ambrosia operation in South Australia. Partnership programs with the Clontarf Foundation and SHINE continued in 2017 and focused on creating employment pathways for Aboriginal youth.

Diversity focus areas
Area of focus Objectives Progress
Promote awareness
of diversity
Employees and stakeholders have access to meaningful diversity information
  • Iluka’s People Policy and Diversity Standard is accessible to employees online and at Iluka locations
  • Diversity progress against targets were reported to the Executive and the People and Performance Committee of the Board
  • Iluka sponsored the Inspiring Girls Initiative for the 2017 Women in Resources Awards
  • Iluka sponsored the Ochre Contemporary Dance Company and was recognised at the 2017 State Arts and Culture Partnership Honours with an Aboriginal Arts Partnership Award
  • Iluka sponsored the Beach Access Day for the Perth Sculptures by the Sea in 2016 and 2017 allowing people with a disability access to the beach and sculptures
Integrate workplace diversity principles into company activities People management practices implemented to reflect diversity and inclusion
  • Behavioural expectation (Code of Conduct and Equal Employment Opportunity) training continued during the year
  • Gender pay equity review completed
  • Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report submitted for 2016-2017
Attract, develop and retain employees across age ranges, people with a disability, women and Indigenous people Achieve 30% gender diversity by 2018*

Achieve 8% Indigenous diversity by 2018*

Provide sustainable employment opportunities for people with disabilities*

  • Succession planning and high potential identification and development plans.
  • Sponsorship partnership with Clontarf Foundation and SHINE in Geraldton
  • Relationship with Edge Employment Solutions, to provide employment for people with disabilities.
Create a flexible workplace culture which assists employees to balance their responsibilities Flexible employment arrangements supported
  • Promotion of flexible work arrangements, including part-time, working from home and modified start and finish times

Sculptures by the sea
From 2015 to 2017, Iluka has supported inclusion programs at Sculpture by the Sea. This free public exhibition features over 70 sculptures and is enjoyed by 260,000 visitors. Iluka’s funds assisted with laying access matting on the beach for people with disability to get as close to the sculptures as possible, as well as funding programs for the visually impaired.

Australian workforce profile from the 2016-2017 Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report*





Full time

Part time


Full time

Part time




Managing Director




Key management personnel




Executives/general managers






Senior managers







Other managers
















Technicians and trade








Clerical and administrative









Machinery operators and drivers

















*Workplace Gender Equality Agency numbers for Australian operations as at 30 March 2017

Iluka takes on a number of trainees

Iluka considers employee development important and invests in building employees’ capabilities and skills. The development of employees is critical to an engaged and high achieving performance culture that improves team effectiveness, increases business effectiveness and delivers Iluka’s objective.

Programs include:

  • sponsoring and/or employing apprentices and trainees;
  • employing vacation students and graduates;
  • technical and professional development; and
  • management and leadership development.

Employees participate in an annual performance review process. Position-relevant objectives are set at the beginning of each year, aligned to the Iluka corporate plan. Regular feedback is provided throughout the year and formal mid-year and full year reviews are conducted.

Employee performance plans include a development planning component and career discussions are the focus of the mid-year review. Training and professional development is planned specifically for each individual.

Simulated training

In addition, internal mechanisms are utilised to identify high performing individuals and to facilitate succession planning across all levels of the company. Succession planning and development plans are in place for leadership positions, including the Managing Director and his direct reports and key critical roles.

In 2017, Mineral Sands Operations implemented the Operational Excellence Program (OPEX) at Australian operational sites. The program was established to ensure that the transition from low to high plan utilization environment is well managed with a focus on safety, costs, throughput and quality. The program was run at Jacinth Ambrosia prior to the restart in December 2017 and will be rolled out to other Australian sites in 2018.




Australia training

2,906 employees and contractors completed training

7,358 hours of training were undertaken

64% of training was completed face to face, awarding individual qualifications to participants

36% of training was online learning, which was up from 11% in 2016

73% of all training occurrences were completed by contractors

12% of training participants were female, with a total of 1,433 hours

Sierra Leone training

The training focus in Sierra Rutile has been on safety behaviours.

In late 2017 Sierra Rutile appointed a Senior Safety Training Advisor with the scope to identify training needs, develop training packages and deliver those packages to Sierra Rutile employees. The training package scope covers:

  • light vehicle pre-start;
  • risk and hazard management;
  • hazard and incident reporting; and
  • supervisor training.

In 2017 the entire Sierra Rutile workforce, including both employees and contractors, completed inductions. As well, a total of 377 toolbox meetings were held with more than 10,000 participants attending during the year. Toolbox meetings typically focus on safety topics to keep the workforce informed of potential hazards and new procedures, as well as training opportunities.

3,252 employees and contractors completed general inductions

350 employees and contractors attended risk and hazard training

377 toolbox meetings were held

10,575 participants attended toolbox meetings