Residents of Higima and Nyandehun both in Imperi Chiefdom, neighbouring communities to Iluka’s Sierra Rutile operations, were delighted when construction of a footbridge was completed in 2017 creating a much-needed transport link between the two villages. The 60-metre bridge, which is constructed over the Lanti dredge pond, is designed to aid the safe movement of people and motorbikes.

Residents of both villages noted that such a development in their communities will foster trade and safer movement, which has been constrained for some time.

During commissioning of the bridge, Sierra Rutile’s Chief Executive Officer, Rob Hattingh reiterated Sierra Rutile’s commitment to support and promote projects geared towards improving the lives of people impacted by its operations.

The Paramount Chief of Imperi Chiefdom, PC Madam Hawa Kpanabom Sokan IV, expressed her satisfaction at seeing such development in her chiefdom.