The Sierra Rutile clinic is equipped to handle a wide range of health tests and collaborates with specialist physicians to provide routine screening of diseases to its workforce and their immediate dependants. Sierra Rutile promotes the fundamentals of fitness for work and conducts a number of initiatives and toolbox talks to enhance health awareness amongst the workforce.

Developments undertaken at the clinic in 2017 include:

  • mechanical repairs to two existing ambulances and ordering of a new ambulance;
  • purchase of new equipment for lung function (spirometer), visual acuity (Snellen chart) and audiometric function (audioscope);
  • rapid tests such as Hepatitis B antigen and prostatic specimen antigen have been introduced;
  • continuation of the vaccination of employees against typhoid fever and hepatitis B infection;
  • continuation of the distribution of insecticide-treated mosquito bed nets to all employees; and
  • educating the workforce on the prevention of diseases in relation to seasonal, environmental and behavioural factors.

In 2017 the total clinic attendance was 28,307 patients. This included 3,482 malaria cases and 1,485 typhoid cases. Sierra Rutile continued its successful partnership with non-government organisations, the Mine Workers Union and the National AIDS Secretariat of Sierra Leone to support the prevention of HIV/AIDS.