In 2017, the Australian government announced its intention to introduce reporting requirements for Australian businesses under a proposed new Modern Slavery Act. The Australian legislation is anticipated to be modeled on the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and aims to combat human trafficking, forced labour and slavery-like practices in business supply chains.

Iluka’s current human rights work program includes a workstream to address human rights related risks in our supply chain. Through a collaborative effort between our Communities, Procurement and Legal teams, we are in a good position to respond to the reporting requirements if and when they are introduced.

During this initial phase in 2017, Iluka has undertaken multiple activities to prepare our business and gain a greater understanding of any potential risks in our global supply chain, including:

  • the development and inclusion of clauses that reference human rights in Iluka standard purchase order terms and conditions and master goods and services contracts;
  • developing a Group level human rights vendor screening and assessment process, to be initially applied to our Australian registered suppliers, and subsequently extended to other jurisdictions;
  • a high level assessment of Australian vendors to identify those that may be high risk;
  • outreach meetings with two major vendors to discuss the proposed legislation and ways of working together to strengthen supply chain transparency; and
  • proactive engagement with industry groups and sector peers to keep up-to-date with developments and inform our internal processes.