In 2017 Iluka commenced a proactive rolling five year decommission and deconstruct program for redundant infrastructure on sites where mining and processing operations have been completed and the asset cannot be reutilised. Removal of this infrastructure is an important milestone in working towards final closure and relinquishment of the sites.

The first infrastructure to go was nine final product storage silos at the Bunbury Outer Harbour. Some of the original silos were built in 1962 and had become a prominent feature in the outer harbour landscape. The demolition project required Iluka to work closely with the Southern Ports Authority and other key stakeholders. Demolition commenced in November 2017 and was completed in March 2018. A significant amount of waste was separated and recycled during the demolition. The project was a success with no reported community complaints, environmental incidents or reportable injuries. In 2018 Iluka will continue activities under the decommission and deconstruct program with a focus on infrastructure at Eneabba and Narngulu.